President: Meghan Brearley


Vice President, Ways & Means: Rebecca Davis


Vice President, Programs: Amy Vasquez


Treasurer: Aurora Dunlap

Financial Secretary: Heather Hubbard

Auditor: Raquel Cabug


Recording Secretary: Maggie Magno



Parliamentarian: Stephanie Saldana


Historian: Nina Andersen

Hospitality: Open

Home Reading Club: Erica Grotsky


Volunteer Coordinator: Martina Jones

5th Grade Committee: Jenny Beaton

Membership Chair: Open

EVENT CHAIRS 2019-2020

Spirit Wear

Chair: Rebecca Davis


Scholastic Book Fair & Holiday Gift Shop

Chair: Rebecca Davis



Chair: Amy Vasquez


Red Ribbon Week

Chair: Heather Hubbard


Chair: Shannon James


Chair: Jenny Beaton


Teacher Appreciation Week

Chair: Open

Pastries with Parents

Chair: Stephanie Saldana


Project Shepherd 

Chair: Jenny Beaton



Please keep track of any volunteer hours you do for PTA at home! Please e-mail with the number of hours you complete. If you help with a task on campus, please record your hours in the log book in the PTA room.


It is important that we track as many volunteer hours as possible so that we can show our lawmakers that MacArthur Elementary and the California PTA have an active and committed group of parent volunteers who are dedicated to making the public school system better for all of the children.

What hours should be counted?

  • Time spent writing PTA agenda, minutes, correspondence, reports, newsletter articles

  • Time spent on PTA-related activities at school or within the community

  • Telephone time regarding PTA business

  • Travel time to and from PTA activities

  • Attendance at meetings, workshops, committees and any functions related to PTA work

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